Members of the public, professionals, licensed access persons or bodies may contact us to obtain a quotation for legal services and representation.

Quotations/ costs estimates can only be provided if sufficient information has been to us and the Barrister would be willing to provide the legal services in question.

Quotations will be provided within a reasonable period of time, often within a day or two, and quotations will be clear and in readily understandable terms.

Hourly rates are dependent upon the complexity and demands of the case. Other factors such as urgency, Court deadlines, how many pages of reading there may be and location of the parties could also affect the fees you may be charged.

A relatively straight forward matter would have an hourly rate of £180.00 + VAT per hour. For very complex and demanding matters the hourly rate would be £300.00 + VAT per hour.

Some types of cases can be funded on a No Win No Fee basis, by way of example, these tend to be Personal Injury, Employment and Discrimination cases. Obviously, such cases need to be fully explored before such an agreement can be entered into.

In many cases there are additional costs, over and above our fees. Court fees, Expert reports, fees for separate Barristers advice/ second opinion and court advocacy, tracing agents and serving documents are some examples. However, there are some exemptions from Court fees dependant upon income and savings. These of course can be discussed at the appropriate time.

Please feel free to contact us to obtain a quotation.

Please use either our contact form, email, text or telephone. Unfortunately, we are not able to see anyone without a prior appointment.

FAMILY CASES - Fees and Costs

Provision for advice and representation at the Family Court in relation to Child Arrangement application -

The legal fees are £180.00 + VAT per hour for matters dealt with in the North West and neighbouring regions.

Most Child Arrangement matters take at least a few months to be resolved, however, more difficult and complex matters might take up to a year and occasionally more than one year.


The above types of cases can be very varied in scale, complexity and duration, for these reasons it is not possible to give a one cost solution. Further, many of these cases could also benefit from a No Win No Fee agreement. A Road Traffic Accident can be relatively simple. on the other hand, Medical Negligence cases are often highly complex and heavily contested. Each case has its own particular variations. The basic hourly costs range from £180.00 per hour - £300.00 per hour + VAT. However, on a No Win No Fee agreement, the other sides insurers will meet part of the costs and your agreement with us in the event that you win your case will cover up to 25% (including VAT) of our costs. These areas can be complex and you will be taken through them before you are bound by any agreement with us. You will also have the right to cancel your agreement, and again this will be explained to you before you sign up and agree your instructions with us.


Provision for advice and representation at the Magistrates Court in relation to summary only Road Traffic Act offences dealt with at a single hearing -

The legal fees will range from £250.00 - £750.00 + VAT for matters dealt with in the North West. The fee includes travel and waiting time.

This will include, for example:-

1.) Speeding offences or other non-imprisonable motoring offences (not including exceptional hardship or special reasoning. cases.)

Most motoring offences are dealt with in one day, however, more complex matters may require an adjournment for a Pre-Trial Review, occasionally there could be three Court hearings. The cases in this category are:-

1.) Excess alcohol/Drug driving;

2.) Failing to provide a specimen;

3.) Failure to stop/ failure to report/ failure to report an accident;

4.) And offences carrying a term of imprisonment.

Additionally, there may be arguments regarding the loss of a driving licence known as exceptional hardship and special reasons, or there may be a dispute over some factual issues (known as a Newton Hearing) and other triable issues. The cost/ fees for these types of matters range from £300.00 to £1,500.00 per hour + VAT. 

This fee includes:-

1.) Initial telephone conference,

2.) Face to face conference,

3.) Preparation of prosecution papers,

4.) Preparation of Defence papers,

5.) Collating information, documents and plans etc,

6.) Advising on your plea, your evidence and the likely outcome (s),

7.) Attending at Court for the hearing, to include a conference at Court, conduct of your case and a report thereafter,

8.) Travel to and from Court and Court waiting time.

The fee does not include:-

1.) Work, advice and representation that goes beyond the stages above, this will be discussed in detail with you.

2.) Second or subsequent adjourned hearings, if not agreed as above, will be charged separately on a pro-rata basis.

3.) Travel or attendance at a site visit, i.e. accident or incident location, or other work not stated. 

Our fee does not include disbursements.

Disbursements are additional costs related to your matter that are payable to Thord parties. the likely disbursements are/ or could be;

1.) Expert reports,

2.) Obtaining Medical/ Police/ School and/ or Local Authority records,

3.) Drug & Alcohol testing reports,

4.) Expert attendance at Court.

All such disbursements fees are payable by you directly.

We have outlined an estimate of the costs above, however, if you wish to discuss your case then please contact us and we will be able to provide a specific costs estimate for your matter.

If you decide to conatct us, more specific costs information will be given once we have considered the details of your case further and any papers that you might have. 







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